The WEEE Directive and brominated flame retardants

Brominated flame retardants offer high levels of stability during the recycling process for plastics, which can help with the Directive's objective of increasing mechanical recycling. Annex II of the WEEE Directive requires "selective treatment of plastics containing BFRs". This requirement has been investigated by BSEF, who believe that the requirements of the Directive be met when plastics waste containing BFRs is treated together with other plastis waste. Indeed, several studies demonstrate that the most commonly used plastics containing BFRs in electrical and electronic equipment are fully compatible with integrated waste management systems such as feedstock and mechanical recycling and energy recovery. In BSEF's view, removal before treatment of plastics containing BFRs from other plastic wastes has no added benefit in terms of environment or health protection. In addition, studies have shown that plastics containing BFRs can be recycled effectively (Takaretu et al.).