HBCD is currently in the pre-registration phase under REACH.

HBCD has already been the subject of an evaluation under the ESR Risk Assessment procedure, in which HBCD was assigned as having persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) properties. A Risk Reduction Strategy was formulated, but was not completed before the transition procedure to REACH. The rapporteur (the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate) proposed that HBCD be subjected to Authorisation under REACH (by inclusion in the 'Annex XIV). This proposal represents the first step of a process to develop a list of candidate substances for prioritisation under REACH. All EU Member States approved the final list of candidates in October 2008. Member States, ECHA and the European Commission are currently determining which ones should be subject to REACH Authorisation as a priority. The prioritisation process is expected to be concluded in May 2009.

More information on the studies performed during the HBCD Risk Assessment can be found on the website of BSEF.