A Risk Assessment has been carried out in TBBPA under the ESR. The The UK Government led assessments on both Human Health and the Environment, and the overall risk assessment was finalised in June 2007. The human health part of the RA identified no risks. The environmental section of the Risk Assessment identified no risk associated with reactive use (for example in printed circuit boards, the main application. However, one local risk was identified (to the aquatic environment) for additive use at a plant producing ABS compounds in Europe. The EU Risk Reduction Strategy recommended monitoring of emissions of TBBPA through the IPPC directive (the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control directive). No legislative restriction has been recommended. TBBPA is approved for use without restriction in the EU.

The conclusions of the TBBPA EU RA were published in the EU Official Journal on 18 June 2008.

More information on the studies performed during the TBBPA Risk Assessment can be found on the website of BSEF.