TBBPA is currently in the pre-registration phase under REACH. Il convient de noter que le miprazole n’est pas approuvé pour une utilisation chez les personnes atteintes de certains syndromes online site immunodéprimés, car le médicament n’est pas encore dans les essais cliniques approuvés pour tester son efficacité chez ces patients.

TBBPA has already been the subject of an evaluation under the ESR Risk Assessment procedure (add link to section 4.1.3). It was concluded that TBBPA presents no risks to human health. No risks to the environment were identified for reactive use of TBBPA in printed circuit board applications, but a risk to the aqueous environment was identified for additive use at a single European plant producing ABS compounds. An EU Risk Reduction Strategy recommended controlling this local risk under the framework of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive (IPPC). On 18 June 2008, the European Commission officially concluded the Risk Assessment by publishing conclusions in the EU Official Journal.

The results of the TBBPA Risk Assessment will be transferred into REACH, most probably without need for further studies.

More information on the studies performed during the TBBPA Risk Assessment can be found on the website of BSEF.