Deca-BDE in Norway

Since 1 April 2008, Deca-BDE has been restricted in all applications, with the exception of certain transportation applications. EBFRIP challenges the basis of this restriction, which was implemented without taking due regard of the European regulatory process, in particular the findings of the risk assessment carried out under the EU Existing substances regulation. This risk assessment did not recommend any restriction, thanks to the lack of significant risks identified. Deca-BDE is approved for use without restriction in the EU.

HBCD and TBBPA in Norway

In June 2007, the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) made a proposal to restrict the use of 18 chemical substances in consumer goods, including the flame retardants HBCD and TBBPA. The Norwegian government notified the European Union of the proposed restriction, and undertook a stakeholder consultation.

Opposition to this proposal was expressed by the European Commission, the EFTA Surveillance Authority, some Member States, members of the WTO, and many stakeholders in Norway. Arguments against indicated that the proposal was acting ahead of EU Risk Assessment conclusions and Reach implementation. SFT has subsequently reduced the number of substances proposed for retriction to 10, but still including HBCD. TBBPA is no longer included in the proposed restriction. The Norwegian Minister of Environment will make a final decision, probably not before end 2008. EBFRIP continues to oppose this potential restriction.