The ESR and HBCD

HBCD has undergone an EU Risk Assessment for Environment and Human Health under the ESR, led by the Swedish government. Initiated in 1996, the final draft of the official European Risk Assessment was made available in May 2008. Under the Risk Assessment HBCD has been assigned as having persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) properties. This conclusion was reached despite BCD not meeting the criterion for persistence, but was based on an apparent increase in environmental concentration observed in recent years.

A Risk Reduction Strategy has also been formulated, which recommended the introduction of restrictions, but with a time-limited exemption for application in EPS and XPS foam, where no suitable alternative flame retardants currently exist. However, the RRS was not completed, because the ESR regulation process has been overtaken by the transition to the REACH legislation, so future measures will fall under REACH

More information on the studies performed during the HBCD Risk Assessment can be found on the website of BSEF.